The characteristics of the centrifugal casting


1 Gating and runner system are almost no metal consumption, which Improves process production rate.

2 Production of hollow castings can be without core, So In the production of long tubular castings can greatly improve the metal filling ability and reduce the ratio of casting wall thickness to length or diameter. Simplify the production process of sleeve and tube casting.

3 The casting’s density is high , there is less defect such as porosity and slag inclusion, so it has high mechanical properties.

4 It’s convenient to product cylinder and composite metal casting, such as Steel sheath, double metal roll, when metal castings, it can improve the filling ability of metal by centrifugal force, so it can produce thin wall casting.


1 There are some limitations in production of special castings.

2 The inner hole diameter of casting is not accurate, the surface of inner hole is rough and poor quality, machining allowance is big.

3 Castings are prone to gravity segregation, so it ‘s not suitable for alloy which are prone to gravity segregation of casting(such as lead bronze), especially it’s not suitable for alloy which the casting material proportion is greater than that of liquid metal.