Two-station Fully Automatic Centrifugal Casting Machine
Two-station Fully Automatic Centrifugal Casting Machine

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essay on albert einstein life     Two-station fully automatic centrifugal casting machine adopts the two hosts+ multi station auxiliary integrated structure. The two hosts which control by VFD are in parallel arrangement. The two hosts share a set of auxiliary equipment and casting device. Auxiliary equipment control by servo and include cleaning, spraying, pouring, cooling, pulling pipe .The whole process control automatically.

writing lyrics The main machine’s speed is adjustable and steady in the high speed. It is advanced spraying technology in multistage and multispeed. The critical technical parameters are monitored and adjusted in the process of casting, which ensure the casting technical parameters repetition and consistency. It eliminates the influence of artificial factors to the casting technical parameters. So it ensures the intrinsic quality of the casing casting stability

source site The equipment has less area, more production efficiency and fully automatic operation. All of these are very suit for Single species and large quantities of cylinder liner rough casting’s continuous production. Feature High-speed Centrifugal Casting Machine

 Smooth operation of pipe die and speed is the key factor which influences the quality of products. So there is high requirement of smooth operation. Under high speed the radial run-out of pipe die is smaller, the wall thickness of cylinder liner is more uniform and the structure property is stronger.

The machine is constructed with 4 riding wheels. There is a hardening treatment and ground finish to the roller surface. The host machine adopt AC frequency control motor + high performance vector control frequency inverter, which drive the 4 riding wheels rotate by v-belt. It ensures the accurate speed control. Pipe die stop quickly by regenerative braking system. It improve manufacturing efficiency.

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       Cleaning, spraying and pulling devices are assembled on a mobile platform. Through the mobile platform alternate position, the three auxiliary’s position can be switched. The mobile platform, spraying and pulling device are driven by servo, so they have accurate position, meet the strict technical requirements also. At the same time shorten the action time and improve the working efficiency.

source site Excellent quality of spraying

   Pipe die’s inner coating reduce the impact of liquid metal and peak temperature of pipe die. It also increase the friction of pipe die with liquid metal, the casting is easy to be pulled out from pipe die. So it increases useful life.

Spraying rod is driven by servo control. It makes moving smoothly and position adjustable. So it ensures the uniformity of coating layer. The movement of spraying rod can be divided into three sections, in which section the speed and migration length is adjustable. It will match speed and pressure of pipe die. So it can meet the various requirements of complex spraying technology. Real -time monitor and water cooling

    Die temperature has a significant impact on the quality of cylinder liner especially metallographic structure and hardness. If die temperature is too high the coating is non-uniform. The quality of cylinder liner’s surface can’t guarantee and shorten the pipe die’s useful life. If die temperature is too low the coating can’t dry completely at pouring time. Bubble is not easy to precipitate before pouring completely. When molten iron meets the wet coasting, It make cylinder sleeve have the casting flaw such as white cast and air hole.

Infra-red device detects the outside surface’s temperature of mold real-time and display the temperature on the HMI screen.

Cooling jet is uniform distribution on the pipe die axial direction. According to the set of cooling time parameter, the pipe die’s temperature control within the appropriate process by spraying water to the outside surface of pipe die.

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    Paw-type pulling device use servo+ pneumatic control. It will pull out the cylinder liner from its mold quickly and stably. The pulling device’s position and speed can be adjusted. Casting  sati pratha essay h andling institutions

    Handling institutions use servo control. It will put the liner to the roller conveyer automatically. Cylinder liner which is pulled out is sent to the conveyer belt automatically. The process is very smooth. Automatic pouring and accurate molten iron weighing

    Automatic pouring device make up with pouring car and rotated type casting ladle. Pouring car can pour for two hosts with time-sharing. The pouring speed of casting ladle can be adjusted. Pouring car equip molten iron automatic weighing device. It ensures the consistency of the cylinder liner’s   weight. The weight of molten iron can be displayed on big screen also can be recorded and printed.

here High efficient, safety, stable and flexible electric system

Control system use PLC as control unit and HMI as monitoring system. It has perfect over current and overload safeguard procedures. The parameters of host and auxiliary are adjusted and storage in the HMI. The device has a flexible. It is suitable for many varieties of the casting production process requirements in a certain range.

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Casting diameter



Casting maximum length



Mold raceway diameter



Riding wheel diameter



Two riding wheel outer span



The distance between ground and mold center



The host spacing



Speed of mold



Centrifugal machine power motor